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Information Sheet on Dry Eye Management at the Wellington Eye Clinic

22 March 2017

Dry Eye is a common condition.

There can be many causes for the condition.

Some of these include working for long hours on computers, the wearing of contact lenses, side-effects of some common medications, getting older and simply being female - all of these factors and more contribute to this sometimes very annoying condition.

Dry eyes can impact your vision very significantly as the light rays entering the eye actually bend on the surface of the tear layer and not the cornea as one might imagine. If the tears are unstable, then the vision is less crisp.

There are a number of possible approaches in the treatment of the condition.

The clinical staff at the Wellington Eye Clinic recently collaborated to compile a short document which explains what causes the condition, and also outlines the treatment options currently available here.

PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY /perch/resources/dry-eye-management-at-the-wellington-eye-clinic-10.pdf

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