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Dr. Arthur Cummings Explains

16 May 18
Blog Post

An intraocular lens is an artificial lens that is used to replace the natural lens in your eye.

You would use an intraocular lens if you were removing the natural lens in your eye such as in the case of a cataract, or a clear lens exchange.
In these cases laser eye surgery will not correct the vision.

In the case of a cataract (cloudy lens) and a clear lens exchange (clear lens) the natural lens in the eye needs to be replaced.
These lenses are the intraocular lenses, sometimes referred to as an” IOL” for short.

These lenses are normally manufactured from an acrylic material these days. They are designed for permanent placement in the eye and they are designed a very, very long time, much longer than the average lifespan.

The lenses are made so accurately that it is possible to select a lens power that will not only get rid of a cataract, improve your vision but also get you very near to your visual target.

In other words if you are looking to get rid of glasses for distance the target will be zero.

If you are looking to eliminate your reading glasses the target would be minus two.

So vision can be targeted as a result of the fact that these lenses are so well made.

Mr Arthur Cummings, Medical Director, Consultant Eye Surgeon and Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology, Beacon Hospital, Dublin Ireland