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What is the recovery time after LASIK?


Mr. Arthur Cummings Explains

18 April 18
Blog Post

One of the main advantages of LASIK is the reduced recovery time.

This is why it has come so popular.

It is possible to have the surgery done now, and within 2 hours 50% of patients have 20:20 vision.

Although it can regress overnight, by the next morning 80% of patients are 20:20 or better. It can vary from person to person, but within a couple of days the vast majority are seeing 20:20 or better.

The down time is one day and it is then possible to return to work.

In term of the vision the down time is also one day. In terms of pain, the discomfort is in terms of hours rather than anything more.

For contact sports it depends, but usually two weeks or at the most six weeks for boxing for example depending on the sport.

Of all the procedures that we do it is the procedure with the quickest recovery time.