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Reasons why Wellington is the best place to help you on your quest for better vision.

Reasons to Choose Wellington Eye Clinic The Surgeon's Surgeon icon

The Surgeon's Surgeon

Many ophthalmologist and optometrist colleagues have trusted us with their vision correction. They know why they have chosen the Wellington Eye Clinic for their own surgery.

Reasons to Choose Wellington Eye Clinic Thorough Assessment icon

Thorough Assessment

Your assessment is done by an experienced Eye Surgeon as patient selection is paramount. We want to make sure that you are an excellent candidate. We’ve been practicing this since 1980

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We are passionate about what we do and spend most of our time doing vision correcting surgery. You will be hard pressed to find anyone anywhere who is more dedicated to achieving the best result for you

Reasons to Choose Wellington Eye Clinic Widest Range of Treatments icon

Widest Range of Treatments

We can customise your laser treatment more than any other clinic in the country. Besides that, we do all types of refractive surgery, not only laser eye surgery - therefore we do what is best for you

Reasons to Choose Wellington Eye Clinic Latest Technology icon

Latest Technology

We invest in the most advanced technology available. We have more technology than anywhere in Ireland and we have multiple lasers. This is just one of the reasons that we see patients from all over the world on a weekly basis

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Five Star Service

We have well-trained, dedicated and friendly staff that makes your visit to the Wellington Eye Clinic more pleasant. You will have to go a long way to find a team that is more dedicated to taking care of you. See more

Reasons to Choose Wellington Eye Clinic Lifetime Warranty icon

Lifetime Warranty

Laser eye surgery at the Wellington Eye Clinic comes with a lifetime warranty

If the patient is within the 1st post operative year or the requirements are met, then there is no cost for enhancement surgery

View Requirements  

Reasons to Choose Wellington Eye Clinic Lifetime Warranty icon

Lifetime Warranty

Laser eye surgery at the Wellington Eye Clinic comes with a lifetime warranty

1) This is only valid on laser procedures since 2004.

2) The unaided vision (vision without glasses) must have dropped below driving standard (6/12 or 20/40)

3) The vision will have been checked every 2 years since the surgery was performed.

If the requirements 1 & 2 are met, then there is no cost for enhancement surgery.

If the vision is still better than driving standard but there is the desire to sharpen it up regardless, then the cost is a fraction of the normal fee for the enhancement.

For the 1st post-operative year there are no costs for follow-up visits related to the laser eye surgery or for any enhancement surgery irrespective of the level of vision

Reasons to Choose Wellington Eye Clinic We Believe in Our Practice icon

We Believe in Our Practice

We are so confident in our practice and our procedures, we have had it done ourselves.

Check out our staff experiences.

"Laser Eye Surgery: Should you or shouldn't you?"

Dr Arthur Cummings on Newstalk, Ask the Expert

"Learn More about The Wellington Eye Clinic"

Dr Arthur Cummings and patients speaking about the Clinic

"I'm Nervous and Excited to get the Surgery done"

Laura and Mark's Experiences having Laser Eye Surgery at the Wellington Eye Clinic

Vision For Life

Find the RIGHT procedure for YOU

Kids and Teens

Vision develops in the first 7 to 8 years of life and it is important that during these years the eyes are both seeing optimally and that they are aligned (i.e. straight and not having a turn or a squint). If the vision is good during the first 7-8 years and the eyes are aligned, then there is every chance that both eyes will see well and that the brain will use the 2 eyes simultaneously. That leads to good binocular or 3-D vision. Other issues that may affect teen’s eyes are conditions like keratoconus and the sooner they are detected, the sooner they can be treated. Allergic conjunctivitis is often part of hay fever too. It makes sense to have children’s eyes examined around 2 years of age if there is anything that makes you suspicious of reduced eye sight or if there is a family history of a lazy eye. In the absence of this it makes sense to see children around the age of 4-5 years just before they start school.

Young Adults

Young adults become interested in contact lenses and laser surgery when they are told that they need to wear glasses full-time. Sports activities, outdoor adventures and just wanting to look good without the hassle of glasses would be the main motivations. The most common procedure for young adults to correct vision is LASIK and when LASIK is not possible, the likes of LASEK / PRK / TE-PRK and SMILE. If the error is so large that it is outside the limits of laser surgery, then Phakic IOL’s are an excellent option

The Middle Years

These years are very active at this stage of our lives playing sports, working, taking care of a growing family and generally just being very busy. The thought of not having glasses or contact lenses is simply very appealing at this stage. Imagine going to the swimming pool and having to keep your glasses on while swimming with the children. Having no glasses would be so much more convenient. Another very interesting change occurs in the early 40’s when people become presbyopic. This is where their arms suddenly feel too short and the lights are always turned down too low for them to be able to read properly. Reading glasses can be a right pain so being able to get rid of reading glasses is a major benefit too. All of this can be achieved today with laser surgery, corneal inlay surgery and phakic IOL’s and RLE (Refractive Lens Extraction) and IOL.

Beyond The Middle Years

What does this mean? Beyond the middle years? Well, for many people today life has not slowed down one bit. Meanwhile they themselves are still very active, sometimes still working, playing sports, traveling, reading, gardening - you name it, they are doing it. And life is better without glasses. So all of the procedures that we have listed before remain valid. If a lens procedure is the procedure of choice, then it would normally be a Refractive Lens Extraction + IOL or a Cataract operation and IOL if there is a cataract present. It is also important to examine the eyes for conditions such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. This all happens during the evaluation to determine the best procedure for you.

Improve Your Vision

Whether you are looking to improve your vision for sports, convenience or simply to look good, we can help. Find out what kind of condition you have below, to see what options are available to you.

Myopia (Short-Sightedness)

Wellington Eye Clinic Myopia/Short-sighted Vision Picture


With myopia the eye is longer than normal, so that light rays focus in front of the retina and distant objects appear blurred. When light rays enter the normal eye, they are focused at a single point on the retina, located at the back of the eye. The cornea (the clear portion at the front of the eye) and the lens inside the eye bend or ‘refract’ the light rays so that they focus at the correct point.

Recomended Procedures

Hypermetropia (Long-Sightedness)

Wellington Eye Clinic Hypermetropia/Long-sighted Vision Picture


With hypermetropia the eye is shorter than normal, so that light rays focus behind the retina. The image on the retina is blurred. When light rays enter the normal eye, they are focused at a single point on the retina, located at the back of the eye. The cornea (the clear portion at the front of the eye) and the lens inside the eye bend or ‘refract’ the light rays so that they focus at the correct point.

Recomended Procedures

Astigmatism (Distorted Vision)

Wellington Eye Clinic Astimgatism Vision Picture


Astigmatism can occur in people who already have myopia or hypermetropia. This is where the optical system is rugby-ball shaped rather than soccer-ball shaped and hence the light rays focus in different areas of the retina. This results in blurred vision for distance and near and causes eye-strain and fatigue.

Recomended Procedures

Presbyopia (Difficulty reading with age)

Wellington Eye Clinic Presbyopia Vision Picture


Difficulty reading at near that comes with age. When light rays enter the normal eye, they are focused at a single point on the retina, located at the back of the eye. The cornea (the clear portion at the front of the eye) and the lens inside the eye bend or ‘refract’ the light rays so that they focus at the correct point. As we age the lens inside the eye becomes less elastic and can no longer accommodate (or change shape) sufficiently to bring near objects into focus.

Recomended Procedures

Arrange a Consultation

Please be advised that you are not expected to know everything about your choices as there are many of them. This is what we are here for - to advise you about which procedure is best for you or if surgery even makes sense for you. So please feel free to book a consultation and get advice on which procedure is best for your condition and get all the relevant information explained to you for your specific situation.

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Years in Business

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Patients Treated
at the Wellington Eye Clinic

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Years of accumulated experience
at the Wellington Eye Clinic between our 5 doctors

Our Doctors

Meet our experienced Doctors, view their profiles

Mr Arthur Cummings

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon & Medical Director. Head of the Department of Ophthalmology Beacon Hospital

Dr Paul Kenna

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Medical Retina Specialist

Mr Dylan Arthur Joseph

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Cataract & Refractive Specialist


See what our previous patients have say to about us.

Thank you so much Dr Arthur Cummings. My result has been excellent, it is just a miracle, I now have very good sight without specs. The care and kindness which I received was excellent. There is no room for improvement at your clinic. All of the staff are superb. I can highly recommend the Wellington Eye Clinic to anyone. Thank you all so much.

Maureen Gleeson,   Thurles, Co. Tipperary

When the inconvenience of wearing reading glasses started to affect my work I contacted the Clinic for advice on my options. Arthur Cummings explained the choices and gave me advice on the best solution for me, which was mono vision. Naturally I was anxious about having the procedure but the reassurance and professionalism of Arthur's team instilled total confidence in me. I was aware that it was going to take a while for my brain to get used to the adjustment. I would never leave home without my reading glasses for a while after the procedure. Now I don't even know where my glasses are. It has transformed my enjoyment of all my activities and given me back the important detail of life that was missing before the procedure. Thank you all at the Wellington Eye Clinic for your care, attention to detail and professionalism.

Colin Byrne - Author, Professional Caddie (Ernie Els),   Howth, Co Dublin

A text was sent to me by the doctor who operated on me the night of my operation. I found this really thoughtful and it also made me feel as if a personal interest was being taken in my well being. In general I found staff and facilities excellent. Staff were excellent in the way they explained the procedures and what was entailed in the recovery process.

Jeremy Hoare,   Foxrock, Dublin 18

Excellent experience. Friendly and helpful staff instilled confidence all the way. I have and will continue to recommend the Wellington Eye Clinic to anyone.

Tiarnan O’Rourke,   Rathgar, Dublin 6

Service is fantastic!! Thank you!!

Jason Redford,   Delgany Co Wicklow

I would definitely recommend it. I found it very reassuring that I could contact someone at all times. I was very well informed of the procedure and the risks involved.

Eamonn Mernagh,   Portobello, Dublin 8

Very comfortable atmosphere with wonderful friendly staff. At no time did I feel that I was just another patient. The care and kindness shown were second to none. Well done to all the staff at the Wellington Clinic.

Catherine Gorey,   Rathangan

I was extremely happy with the service I received at your clinic. I felt relaxed and comfortable there at all times. My concerns were taken seriously, I was given plenty of advice and the whole experience was a positive one.

Claire O’Mahony,   Crookstown Co Cork

I found the Wellington Eye Clinic to be very professional and efficient. Everything was explained in detail prior to my surgery by my surgeon Mr Richard Corkin and his follow up care after surgery has been excellent.

Jim McGuire,   Clondalkin Dublin 22

Latest News

Read the latest news stories and blog posts concerning us and our patients at the Wellington Eye Clinic.

Patient Experience Blog

24 July 17
Blog Post

Seeing is Believing – My Laser Eye Surgery with the Wellington Eye Clinic

I was one of those lucky little ducks who for all my young life (till age 16) had perfect eyesight. Want to know what that bird is out to sea? Ask Finn. Need to know what number bus is at the end of the road in the dark? I got you!

And just towards the end of secondary school (I’m looking at you leaving cert) everything started to get a little fuzzy. Damn genetics. Like my mother, grandmother and basically everyone else in my family, I needed glasses.

Now don’t shoot me here. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with glasses. Some people wear them and they look just effortlessly cool, more intelligent, maybe even a little French. I just look uncomfortable. Read on to find out about my laser eye surgery journey here.

Wearing glasses has never suited me. When I’m rushing around, when I’m nervous/giving a presentation they just fog up and I feel like an absolute ejit. When I work at sea on research vessels they are a complete hindrance.


First of all you have to prove you’re bringing two pairs, in case one pair falls overboard. Then you have to do an eye test before you leave. When it gets to actual work you have to stuff your glasses under your science goggles and then eventually get a headache from the pressure on the sides of your head. Outside there is constantly sea spray getting on the glasses or on a nice day you’re switching between regular glasses and prescription shades all the while trying not to lose either or get them crushed in any of the machinery. Come back in from the cold at night and they fog up.

Now that I do a lot of catering work, the main battle is glasses steaming up opening ovens and looking over pots, taking glasses off to read recipes and then forgetting where the glasses are.


And thats just professionally. I love to be outdoors, ever since I was little I’ve rambled and scrambled around the country side with my parents, hiking, swimming and later in my teens surfing. Needing glasses has impaired me in the water massively. I can’t see the bigger waves out the back on their way to me, I can’t see important features on land that tell me how I’m moving with the current and I can’t see other people so well (are they friendly, are they in my way/am I in theirs etc).

So why don’t you just wear contacts you ask? With science (and science at sea) I can’t wear them working with chemicals and working split shifts and sleeping 4 hours twice a day would mean two sets of contacts a day (expensive). Contacts aren’t great cooking as I can feel the heat dries my eyes. But the biggest most annoying no no is I can’t wear them in the sea surfing or swimming. Wearing contacts causes tiny cuts (more details on this) on the surface of the eye and while this can be ok for someone who works at a computer or mostly indoors this is not good when you’re in the ocean. Not only is the salt in the environment massively drying (I’ve had contacts shrink on to my eye making it difficult to get them out in the very salty seas of the Canary Islands), but there is a big chance for bacteria from the water to get into you eyes. With that in mind I just don’t wear contacts anymore for the health of my eyes.

So I’m wandering around half blind.
Sorry if I never wave at you on the street.
I promise I always wear my glasses when I’m driving.
So it was a few years back that the idea of laser eye surgery first came into periphery.


A fitness Youtuber that I’ve been following for years – Nikki Blackketter – did a video on why she wanted laser eye surgery and why it would be so beneficial for her career in the fitness industry. I could relate to everything. Seeing how happy it made her, as well as how quick her recovery was and generally how it was just way less scary than I had imagined it would be.

Then suddenly a friend I baked with got it and I saw what a massive difference it made for her in the kitchen. I couldn’t believe it, she was even in work the next day. Then a good friend I surf with got it and I constantly plagued her in the water asking about how her “new eyeballs” were. As her only other friend with glasses she was delighted about it, since no one else had been asking about her miracle of sight.

Then things started to fall together. I began researching laser eye clinics and seeing that there were clinics all over Ireland. I was wary of all these “two for one” type offers. After all, it’s my sight. I wanted to be sure I was in the safest hands possible.

Then in wonderful randomness of the world, when I was getting a lift home from a business course the wonderful lady who was driving me (Caca Willis is her business, look her up her cakes are some of the most beautiful creations I have ever seen) saw me fumbling with my glasses to see something out the window.

The chats began, had I ever considered laser eye surgery? I told her my story. It turns out Michelle had already had the surgery herself. What did she think of it? She said it was the best investment she had made in her life. In. Her. Life. She has a successful business, a beautiful car (this is all I’ve seen so far). But this investment she’d made in herself and her own health was priceless.

The Wellington Eye Clinic

She told me all about her surgery and I told her my trepidations about getting the surgery. The answer she said was the Wellington Eye Clinic in Dublin. One of the longest running clinics in Ireland, with top spec equipment and amazing surgeons. But what I think made her remember it all so fondly was the staff, she raved about the clinic and the surgeons and how safe she felt and how amazing the aftercare was.

It took me two months to work up the courage (I was still a little scared!) but I got in touch and right away I saw exactly what she meant, every member of staff I was in touch with was so friendly and helpful. We chatted about which type of surgery would be best suited, talked me through how it would work and sent me on loads of information about what to expect and how to have my eyes in tip top shape for the surgery. We chatted about my surfing, cooking and life working at sea and how much of a phenomenal difference it was going to make to my quality of life.

We partnered up as the clinic had decided it was time to make a new video for their patients to see before they came in for surgery. I was delighted to do this since it was exactly that video of Nikki who had put me at ease and made me realise I could do it! With that in mind I filmed a little of my last trip to sea wearing glasses and plan to film my pre and post op. So you can be with me for the whole experience and for anyone thinking of laser eye surgery they will know exactly what to expect. This will include the initial consultation to assess my vision, pre-op, the surgery itself and then post op and then some surfing and adventuring testing out the new vision!

For more information on the Wellington Eye Clinic check them out online at  and also check out their youtube videos. The videos have been a massive help for me as I have quite dry eyes these last few years from surfing and spending a lot of time working on a computer so these videos gave me great info on what I could do for myself at home even before my consultation!

Read More  

Dr. Arthur Cummings and Minister for Health Simon Harris T.D.

13 July 17
Blog Post

Pictured at the launch of the #BeaconEyeClinicRapidAccess at the Beacon Consultants Clinic this morning were the Minister for Health, Simon Harris and Dr Arthur Cummings, who in addition to being Medical Director at the Wellington Eye Clinic, also has the same role at the new service.

The Beacon Eye Clinic Rapid Access is designed to complement existing urgent services for patients with eye problems. The Clinic offers a priority appointment with a Consultant Specialist Ophthalmologist for patients within 1-2 days, and targets a waiting time of less than 30 minutes for patients when they arrive at the Clinic.

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Wellington eye clinic professional membership logos
Wellington eye clinic professional membership logos
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Wellington eye clinic professional membership logos
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