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Practising Eye Care in a War Zone


Dr. Cummings presents to Syrian ophthalmologists

11 July 17
Blog Post

It is difficult to reconcile given recent events yet Syria is one of the early cradles of civilization.

Since 2011 the country has been devastated by a bitter civil war.

The death toll of the conflict stands at nearly 500,000 since the outbreak. More than 1 in 10 of the population have been killed or injured. Atrocities have included the use of chemical weapons.

The Syrian Eye Surgeons are an extraordinary and inspiring group of Doctors.

In spite of the hardships that they face, they do their best to update themselves in order to offer the best treatments possible to their patients.

Dr Arthur Cummings was invited to present a paper to their congress this week concerning the treatment of keratoconus using laser surgery. The presentation was conducted via Skype to a conference room in downtown Damascus from the operating theatres at the Beacon Hospital

The organiser of the Meeting, Dr Anas Anbari told us that this meeting is regarded as one of the most important annual continuing medical education events in Syria.