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What to look for in a laser eye surgery clinic?


What is the best treatment for you?

13 February 17
Blog Post

Listen to Dr. Cummings talk about what you should look for in a laser eye surgery clinic:

“A good laser eye surgery clinic? You’ll never get the sense that you’re being pressurized into making a decision. I think a second thing about a good laser eye surgery clinic is that they do much more than just laser eye surgery. I’m sure you’ve heard the term, if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. So if you’re doing laser eye surgery or refractive surgery and the only tool you have is a laser, then anyone who comes in your door, you want to laser, even though they might not be a perfect candidate. The moment the clinic offers everything there is to offer and has a full toolbox then you can start saying when one surgery might be a better option than another for a particular prescription. That’s the first thing, the second thing is, a clinic where the surgeons have done a certain number of cases, so they’re not learning on you, they’re experienced. A third thing would be, where it’s a primary focus of the clinic. If you’re doing laser refractive surgery, you need to remember this is people who healthy, on the go, economically active and there’s no place for error. You don’t want your surgery being done by someone who’s doing this as a hobby and does two or three now and then. You want this done by someone who is doing this seriously, who wants it to be done perfectly every single time. Those are the key things for me that I’d be looking out for (in a good laser eye surgery clinic).”